10453042_10204293574441937_8701395778450540052_oOne of God’s greatest callings in my life is to be a housewife. I am married to my best friend Aaron Blaine Holley who I am so honored to serve. God constantly shows me profound images of what it means to be married and how it mirrors His love story for the church.

Along my journey so far, I have lost 50 pounds searching for the healthiest lifestyle I can live while I’m here on this earth. We eat a primarily grain-free and refined sugar-free diet, but our main goal is to be intentional with what we feed our bodies. My husband and I both believe that taking care of our bodies is not only important for our health, but an honor to God himself who created us in his image. We’ve learned so much and we’ve made mistakes, but that’s all part of the journey! I hope that my experiences can be shared in a way that readers can appreciate and learn from too.

Read about our weight-loss here


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,
    I am Timoths Aunt Melinda love your blog I am also a health nut!!!! So proud of you both 110 lbs is amazing!

  2. After reading your blog this morning it has opened my eyes. I have been married for 16 years and have gotten “comfortable” with how I eat, feel, and look. Thank you for the insperation. Cant wait to read more..

    • Pauline, Thanks for your comment!!
      I’m so glad I was able to inspire you! Stick around for more, I plan to keep telling my story and hope to continue to encourage others through my experience and recipes!
      I hope that you can step out of your “comfort” zone and test how comfortable you could REALLY be by cutting out the bad stuff. (:

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