Day 17

Week 3 is so far so good!
Today was the last forecasted pretty day of the week. My nanny-baby and I spent the day outside playing in the grass and taking walks. It was a great break from being inside all winter!

Tonight Blaine found out that he had the flu, so now we are quarantined for a couple days. Hopefully it will be short lived. I’m so proud of him, he’s still eating and eating right! What a trooper!


  • 3 scrambled eggs
  • bulletproof coffee, not pictured


  • An apple and almond butter

Again, you will have to forgive me for such a small lunch. There is not a rule on Whole 30 restricting me from having hamburgers and potatoes for lunch- if that’s what I need! However, I honestly don’t ever feel hungry anymore! I love it! But I’m still making sure to get enough food to where I’m not calorically starving.



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