Day 13

Today was such a sunshine-y Saturday! My sweet sister and a couple of childhood friends asked for Blaine and I to hang out in Nashville and take advantage of the near 60° winter weather. We woke up late, had a perfect weekend breakfast, and went to town for the rest of the day! It was a lovely lovely day (:



  • Green Tambourine smoothie from Post East Coffee in Nashville: Kale, spinach, coconut water, mango, chia seeds
    Technically, the Whole 30 program doesn’t advocate smoothies as a meal replacement, but it’s not outlawed either. We only had this one because we were out with friends and this was our only choice. It was truly delicious though!


  • Dinner creds tonight go to my father! He and my mom have been doing their best to eat REAL food. I’m so beyond proud of them, and dinner was AMAZING.
  • Herb grilled salmon, squash and onions, sweet potato fries

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