New Year’s Blog Resolution!

Happy 2015 to you all!

Last year was a blast, this year will be better!

I know it has been a really… really… long time since I’ve posted. I am truly sorry for slacking. I honestly had no idea how many people were keeping up with my blog posts (and enjoyed them, for that matter,) until just this past month as many of you encouraged me to get back to it. THANK YOU!

So here is a little blog resolution for 2015:
I will put forth a much greater effort in posting consistently about my healthier-lifestyle journey this year.

I am asking you guys to keep me accountable! I can’t do it without the support.
So far, this is what I plan to do-

  1. Starting January 5th (Monday,) I’m going to on take another Whole 30 challenge. During this time around, I am going to share my daily food diary and, for at least 2 weeks, strive to share a recipe daily. I’ll try to include reasons why I eat the way I do and certain health benefits along the way as well!
  2. For the rest of the year, it is my goal to post WEEKLY. Hopefully including a recipe, an update, health benefits of certain foods, and a “substitution suggestion” (I.e. eat ___ not ___ )
  3. Continue to post with positivity and gratitude.

So excited for what I have in store! Hope you all are too(:
Thanks for all the love in 2014, Here’s to 2015!

Kaitie Holley, housewife


One thought on “New Year’s Blog Resolution!

  1. Kaitie, This is great that you are doing this. I hope you will inspire many people to change their diets and care more about their bodies and their health. I truly believe that God cares about our bodies and foods we eat just like he does our soul. He of course gives us the choice but eating healthy will cut back on diseases, inflammation, arthritis, etc. and I hope in some way gives glory to him as our bodies house the Holy Spirit. Keep it up. Love you so much. Mimi

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